Car and truck bodywork repair and respraying

Whether you have a commercial truck or a personal car, appearance is important. Not only can damage to bodywork look unsightly, but it can be dangerous. At DH Truck Servicing and Coaching, we have a team of bodywork experts who provide bodywork repairs and respraying for affordable prices.


Specifically, we can provide commercial bodywork services for cars and lorries.

Car panel replacements

In the event of a crash or minor car accident, we can also offer car panel replacements. With our contacts, tools and expertise, we’ll get your vehicle looking brand new, and ensure it’s safe to continue using and driving.

Truck respraying and bodywork repairs

We can provide truck respraying services, and provide custom paint jobs on all areas of your vehicle. Our team of mechanics can also offer bodywork repairs and panel replacements, to ensure your vehicle looks its best for its next commercial journey.

Car panel replacements, truck bodywork repair and so much more from our mechanics.


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