Keep your vehicle running efficiently, and safely

With our engine diagnostic equipment, we can source the cause of a huge variety of problems in your truck or car. At DH Truck Servicing and Coachworks, we have the knowledge and experience required to find problems, and solve them right here in our Frome garage.


Through engine diagnostics, we can also determine whether your vehicle is running as efficiently as it could.

Fuel efficiency improvements

Our engine diagnostic services are popular with commercial and domestic customers. We can improve fuel efficiency no end by examining your engine and providing engine repairs. This saves you money over time, and means your car stays in top shape, ready for its next MOT.

Increasing torque and power

Not only can our engine diagnostic services save you money, but it can save you time! We’ll improve torque and power from your engine, meaning you can finally make full use of your car’s power. Through car and truck engine analysis, we’ll know what maintenance to provide to get your car back to its full working condition.

For engine diagnostics, and car efficiency improvements, call DH Truck Servicing and Coachworks on

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