Truck service contracting in Frome

Our mechanics have been working with local and national companies for years, providing truck servicing on a contract basis. We provide regular truck servicing, maintenance and repairs, ensuring that fleets of vehicles are always ready for their commercial journeys.


At DH Truck Servicing and Coachworks, we offer affordable truck service contracting, allowing you to maintain fuel efficiency and safety standards on all your commercial trucks and lorries.

Vehicle servicing for all kinds of commercial trucks

We offer regular vehicle servicing and maintenance for all types of commercial trucks. These include vans, HGVs and trucks. We provide full repairs for these vehicles, spare part supply, tyre replacement, and all of our work is fully guaranteed.

Diagnostics and tuning

Our engine diagnostic equipment allows us to make the most of your engine, and through fault testing, engine tuning, full repairs and MOT preparation, we can make sure your commercial truck is in full and safe working order all year round.

For truck servicing, and ongoing commercial vehicle maintenance, call DH Truck Servicing and Coachworks today on

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